Leatherman Crunch OHO

The Leatherman Crunch is one of the most innovative multitools on the market, but can be a bit of a pain to open and assemble in a pinch. Here’s a neat trick to practice to open your Crunch single handed! Or, if you’re feeling really clever, do two at a…

Leatherman Wave (2004)

In 2004, Leatherman unveiled an update to their most popular and biggest selling multitool, the Wave. Although the overall look and concepts of the original Wave were retained, several enhancements and improvements were made to keep the Wave at the forefront of multitool design….

Buck X-Tract Series

The Buck X-Tract series of multitools is an interesting departure from the plier-based, butterfly opening styled PST clones offered by the majority of manufacturers. Resembling a folding knife more than the accepted multitool format, the X-Tracts are very capable multitools.

Leatherman Surge

As the Supertool is to the PST, the Surge is to the Wave. Even the name describes a super-sized Wave. Whilst most would agree that the Surge is a competent large multitool, it does seem to divide opinion somewhat….

Leatherman Freestyle CX

The Freestyle CX is the premium version of the Leatherman Freestyle. Functionally the CX is the same as the Standard model, and carries the same premium material enhancements as its big brother, the Skeletool CX, namely a 154CM blade (plain edged) and a mostly decorative carbon fibre strip replaces the Zytel spacer on the standard model….

Leatherman Freestyle (Standard)

The Freestyle is Leatherman’s most minimal tool so far in terms of the number of functions it offers. The tool is effectively a cut-down Skeletool and according to the manual has the following features….