Leatherman Wave (2004)

In 2004, Leatherman unveiled an update to their most popular and biggest selling multitool, the Wave. Although the overall look and concepts of the original Wave were retained, several enhancements and improvements were made to keep the Wave at the forefront of multitool design.
Also released as a premium version in the form of the Charge Ti, the “new” Wave featured improved ergonomics, stronger pliers and frame, together with the introduction of locks for all tools contained in the handles.

Leatherman Wave 2004Leatherman Wave 2004Leatherman Wave 25th Anniversary Model

The first thing that is noticeable about the new Wave, is that it is approximately 1/4″ wider overall in the closed position due to the deeper clip-point and serrated blades. In addition to making the blades stronger, one-handed opening is aided by the extra width in the thumb-holes provided.The plier heads are the same as fitted on the Fuse and Blast tools, advertised as stronger and clearly wider with a larger pivot. The thickening of the steel used and extra width in the handle depth provide extra strength and negate the “flexing” often experienced with the old Wave.The fasteneing bolts at the plier ends of the handles incorporate bronze washers to make opening the pliers, and each of the externally accessible blades (Clip point knife, serrated knife, diamond file and saw) very smooth and easy. Inside the handles can be found scissors, small (eye-glass) bit driver, a fixed flat-head screwdriver and a large bit driver that accepts Leatherman’s proprietary flat bits.

Leatherman Wave 2004 Leatherman Wave 2004 Leatherman Wave 2004 Leatherman Wave 2004

It’s easy to see why the 2004 Wave remains one of the most popular multitools available, and Leatherman’s biggest seller. The tool packs most of the commonly used features into package barely bigger than the original PST, and features a detachable, quick-release lanyard ring and pocket clip to provide an alternative to sheath carry.

Leatherman Wave 2004 Leatherman Wave 2004 Leatherman Wave 2004

Pictured below are 4 variations of the Wave that I currently have within my collection, from left to right are the Standard Wave, Danish 2H Wave, Black Oxide version and a 2008 25th Anniversary limited edition version.In addition to a representation of Tim Leatherman’s signature engraved on the handles, the 25th Anniversary Wave has a highly polished finish!

Leatherman Wave 2004Leatherman Wave 2004Leatherman Wave 2004


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  1. Dan Hayman says:

    Funny, I just ran across your site today (11/30/10). I purchased the new Wave design shortly after it was made available–must have been around ’05 ish.
    I always felt that I would have been better served by the cutting hook, than with the serrated knife it comes with. I do not know if they have ever made a version of this knife with this as the only modification to the config. above, but if they did, I might be in a trading kinda mood as my knife has seen little to no action.
    Note: I have heard of some guys who use the point at which the two inner blades more or less meet, as a crimping tool, though I gotta believe that this puts some stress on the blade edge…


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