The History of the Leatherman PST

For the first 38 years of my life, I coveted a genuine Leatherman multitool. Like many, I thought of Leatherman as a genre of tool rather than a manufacturer, and although I eventually came to realise that not all plier based tools were Leatherman tools, I was equally aware that I couldn’t afford one.

Leatherman Surge

As the Supertool is to the PST, the Surge is to the Wave. Even the name describes a super-sized Wave. Whilst most would agree that the Surge is a competent large multitool, it does seem to divide opinion somewhat….

Leatherman Supertool 200

The second of Leatherman’s Supertool series of big, “professional use” multitools was released in the year 2000 as a direct replacement for the original Supertool. In addition to beefier pliers, the Supertool 200 introduced a more sophisticated tool locking mechanism, and rounded handles for additional comfort….

Leatherman Supertool

The Supertool was Leatherman’s third production design, and the first to feature locking tools. Based on the by then very successful PST in 1994, the Supertool is essentially a PST on steroids….

Leatherman PST (Personal Survival Tool)

[lightbox[Leatherman PST – c1986]][/lightbox] This is the classic Leatherman tool, first available in 1983. The example pictured is a fairly early example (c.198…