Arrival of the Camo Beast…..

I’d like to say a huge thank you to fellow member “Mr. Whippy” for helping me to land a Leatherman Surge variation that I’ve been after for a while. Although now available in the UK, the RRP of £129.95 has successfully prevented me from buying one locally!

I don’t have many Camo Leatherman tools as they seem to be mostly made for US retailers, or marketed at premium prices as “Special Editions”, so this is actually only my third. Gorgeous aren’t they? Thanks again Mr.Whippy!

Leatherman Surge Leatherman Surge - Camo

I’ll be updating my Tool Blog’s Leatherman Surge entry later, with some better pics and analysis.

Leatherman Surge - CamoLeatherman Camo Tools

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  1. Chambelona59 says:

    I love my Camo Surge, picked mine up on Ebay in 2008, like new for $120.00 USD.
    Included a link to photos of mine.

    I just discovered your blog (great) after a search in Google for photos of this particular Surge in this particular camo, I was told this model was a limited edition, is/was it?

    Regards from Manhattan -NYC, U.S.

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