Leatherman Freestyle CX

The Freestyle CX is the premium version of the Leatherman Freestyle. Functionally the CX is the same as the Standard model, and carries the same premium material enhancements as its big brother, the Skeletool CX, namely a 154CM blade (plain edged) and a mostly decorative carbon fibre strip replaces the Zytel spacer on the standard model.

There is no weight advantage advertised or apparent in the CX, but again like the Skeletool CX, the handles are coated wit a DLC to resist scratching.

Leatherman Freestyle CX Leatherman Freestyle CX Leatherman Freestyle CX


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  1. chris coetzee says:

    this leatherman freestyle cx is a superb edition in my leatherman collection,aestetically pleasing,very functional and styling.just add a black i-pod,black leather wallet,black wristwatch and a leatherman serac flashlight and you are good to go…like a swiss army knife injected with steroids,the leatherman freestyle cx..i like it so much,ive got 2 of them.

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