Leatherman Juice KF4 – Camo

As a collector on a budget, I am resigned to the fact that there are some rare examples of Leatherman tools that I am very unlikely to add to my collection. Every now and then however, I get a pleasant surprise…

Polished Leatherman Sideclip

I have had something in the region of 50 Leatherman Sideclips pass through my hands in the last couple of years as I have organised forum group buys and internet auction sales, but there was a particular version of the Sideclip that eluded me up until recently….

Leatherman Tool Mods

I’m not hugely into modifying my Leatherman tools, beyond refurbishing and restoring old beaten up tools that I pick up on the cheap. During the last week however, I seem to have been quite busy producing no less than three custom tools…

The History of the Leatherman PST

For the first 38 years of my life, I coveted a genuine Leatherman multitool. Like many, I thought of Leatherman as a genre of tool rather than a manufacturer, and although I eventually came to realise that not all plier based tools were Leatherman tools, I was equally aware that I couldn’t afford one.

Gerber Legend 800

Priced at the top end of the Gerber multitool range, I have always felt that the Legend 800 has more in common with the lesser Gerber tools like the Suspension than similarly priced tools from Leatherman, SOG and Victorinox.

SOG Toolclip – nice surprise!

In my time collecting multitools, I have often seen reference to a tool that was discontinued many years ago, and for several reasons I never actually got one. The tool I’m referring to is the SOG Toolclip, which I believed to be an oversized, heavy and impractical tool of little interest to me.

Leatherman Wave (2004)

In 2004, Leatherman unveiled an update to their most popular and biggest selling multitool, the Wave. Although the overall look and concepts of the original Wave were retained, several enhancements and improvements were made to keep the Wave at the forefront of multitool design….