Gerber Legend 800

I’ve had a Gerber Legend 800 in my possession for some time now, but it’s a multitool I never really warmed to. Priced at the top end of the Gerber multitool range, I have always felt that the Legend 800 has more in common with the lesser Gerber tools like the Suspension than similarly priced tools from Leatherman, SOG and Victorinox.So a few days ago, I decided to give the 800 a try and see whether my gut instincts were right after all. After a few little household tasks, I’m starting to think of it a bit more kindly…..

 Gerber 800 Legend  Gerber 800 Legend  Gerber 800 Legend

The Gerber 800 doesn’t follow the normal sizing conventions followed by most of the major manufacturers. “full sized” multitools tend to be 4″ (e.g. Leatherman Wave, Victorinox Spirit etc) or 4.5″ long (e.g. Leatherman Supertool series, Victorinox Swisstool etc) in the closed position, however the Gerber 800 measures in at 4.25″. I assume that this was done to provide a compromise for people who need more strength than typically found in a 4″ tool, but find a 4.5″ tool too bulky to pocket carry.In addition, the 800 dispenses with the usual stainless steel used in the handle construction, in favour of four-part (2 for each handle) cast aluminium, inlaid with a non-slip material for increased grip. I don’t find the black grippy inlay to be that functional, but it does make the tool quite visually appealing in contrast to the gold coloured aluminium handles.Other features that the 800 displays include the sprung pliers, and the replaceable carbide wire cutters, together with externally opening tools, and one handed opening of the main, part serrated blade and an excellent pair of Fiskars scissors.

 Gerber 800 Legend  Gerber 800 Legend  Gerber 800 Legend

All in all, I found the 800 to be a competent multitool, and accomplished all of my simple requirements around the house with it during the last few days. The replaceable Remgrit saw impressed me particularly, but the “proper”, square shafted Phillips driver help to differentiate between the 800 and the Suspension range.The aluminium construction makes it noticeably (if slightly) lighter than the Supertool 300, although this is not a factor that influences me as neither would be a EDC item for me, preferring as I do to EDC a 4″ tool.

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