Leatherman Juice – KF4

The Juice KF4 was “retired” by Leatherman in 2004, which seemed like an odd thing to do, as most people I speak to who have an opinion believe it was the best of the extensive Juice range. Featuring Leatherman’s much lauded diamond file, the KF4 has even depth in the handles (unlike many of the models) and carries what many consider to be the best tool selection.

Many KF4s have had the “USA” stamping ground out on the plier heads, believed to have been done to plier stocks during a legal action against Leatherman Tool Group by the State of California, who claimed that the tool could not be considered to have been “Made in the USA” due to the pliers being cast in Mexico. Since then, all Leatherman plier heads read “Leatherman Tool” or simply “Leatherman”, despite the original ruling being overturned more recently.

The KF4 was generally available in both Solar (Yellow) and Storm (Grey) anodised aluminium scales, although the Solar do seem to be more common. It’s my favourite tool of the Juice range. In one of the pictures below however, you can spot a rather special variant.

Leatherman Juice KF4 Leatherman Juice KF4Leatherman Juice KF4

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