Yet another Charge….

Since the SOG Toolclip arrived a week ago, quite a few more tools have arrived here at DaveK Towers with a distinct Leatherman theme.

The highlight though, was a customised Charge I received in trade from a fellow member at, which I’ll be dedicating an article to soon.

This prompted me to assemble all of the Leatherman Charges I have for some pictures, some of which are shown here.



For several years now the Leatherman Charge TTi has been my multitool of choice, and I’m rarely very far from one. It is simply the best balance of size, weight, utility, ease of carry and downright coolness that I’ve found to date.


Charge CircleCharge Circle


The new addition had been expertly assembled from three donor Charges, including the mirror polished components from a 25th Anniversary model, the scales from a Cabela’s Seclusion 3D TTi (my favourite camo) and a standard Charge TTi. It looks stunning.



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