Happy New Year!

I’ve been very tardy with my diary and my blog during the Christmas and New Year period, but that seems like a distant memory now, and I’ll be posting here more regularly from now on. I promise 😉

I have been very busy though……

Father Christmas didn’t bring me any new multitools, although I did acquire a few myself with a few more on the way in the next week or so. I did however get some new Maxpedition gear and have been obsessively organising my EDC accordingly. I also managed to get a Spyderco UKPK for my birthday, and a couple of new one-piece multitools to join my Peter Atwood G4 Prybaby as pictured below.

I’ve been a big fan of these single-piece tools for a while, and have carried the Peter Atwood G4 Prybaby (left) with me everywhere since I got just over a year ago. On the right of the picture is a Raker RingTool, which is a fantastic tool which you can find out more about on Ray Kirk’s website www.rakerknives.com. These RingTools have gone down a treat in the forums at multitool.org.

I’ll review these tools in my collection blog eventually too.

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