SOG Paratool

The SOG Paratool is a unique multitool. Although very reminiscent of the Leatherman PST when viewed from one side in the closed position, it’s opening mechanism is unlike any tool that I can think of. Rather than the traditional “butterfly” system used by the PST, opening is achieved by rotating the plier head 180 degrees, then clicking the two handles into place.

Although this opening mechanism is quite natty, and it does offer the possibility of using the pliers in an angled position, which could be useful sometime, I’m not a great fan of the Paratool, and would be unlikely to carry it.

Despite the build quality being excellent, and the tool being quite aesthetically pleasing, opening and closing the Paratool is too awkward. To close the tool, you have to rotate the plier head back into the handles, which fit together and interlock to hold everything in place for carrying. This really necessitates more attention that I like to pay, and coordination with two hands.

Like many of the tools in my collection, the Paratool is great to own and play with from time to time, and I’ve used for a couple of light tasks around the house, but it wouldn’t be a tool that I’d carry day-to-day as I have better options.

SOG Paratool SOG Paratool SOG Paratool multitool encyclopaedia’s Paratool entry.

SOG Paratool SOG Paratool SOG ParatoolSOG Paratool

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  1. Mike C says:

    While I agree with most of what Dave states in his review of the SOG Paratool, I disagree with his final conclusion. The Paratool has accompanied me on numerous bicycling tours, hunting trips,hiking treks and general day to day tasks for the past fifteen years. During this time, it has handled just about everything I have called upon it to do. It is not the fastest tool to deploy, but speed of deployment with me, has never been an issue. The bones of any tool are will it do the job it is designed for. The SOG Paratool passes this test with flying colors! After more than a decade of frequent use, it still preforms as well as it did on day one.

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