Leatherman Supertool

The Supertool was Leatherman’s third production design, and the first to feature locking tools. Based on the by then very successful PST in 1994, the Supertool is essentially a PST on steroids….

Leatherman Freestyle CX

The Freestyle CX is the premium version of the Leatherman Freestyle. Functionally the CX is the same as the Standard model, and carries the same premium material enhancements as its big brother, the Skeletool CX, namely a 154CM blade (plain edged) and a mostly decorative carbon fibre strip replaces the Zytel spacer on the standard model….

Leatherman Freestyle (Standard)

The Freestyle is Leatherman’s most minimal tool so far in terms of the number of functions it offers. The tool is effectively a cut-down Skeletool and according to the manual has the following features….

Leatherman Juice – KF4

The Juice KF4 was “retired” by Leatherman in 2004, which seemed like an odd thing to do, as most people I speak to who have an opinion believe it was the best of the extensive Juice range. Featuring Leatherman’s much lauded diamond file, the KF4 has even depth in the handles (unlike many of the models) and carries what many consider to be the best tool selection….

Leatherman Skeletool CX

The Skeletool CX is the premium version of the minimalist Skeletool. Main differences to the standard Skeletool are the scratch resistant DLC (Diamond Like Coating), premium blade steel (154CM), a partially serrated blade and a small slither of carbon fibre to retain the spare driver bit. It does however look way cooler than the standard version….

Leatherman Mini Tool

The Minitool was Leatherman’s second multitool, and was produced for 18 years between 1996 and 2004, making it the longest surviving tool in the Leatherman range, after the PST (1983-2004). The Mini featured handle “extensions” which allowed the tool to fold down to 2.5″ when closed, whilst offering full size pliers comparable to the PST’s 4″ handles….

Leatherman Micra (Painted)

Leatherman’s first attempt at adding a bit of colour to the Micra, by painting the unpolished standard Micra casing. This finish was notoriously fragile, and good examples are now few and far between….

Leatherman Fuse

The Leatherman Fuse is the current mid-priced Leatherman tool, offering a good balance in size v utility. The variations pictured are the standard Fuse, Black Oxide, Knifeless and a limited run presented to US forces during the last Gulf War(identical to the standard Fuse, but engraved “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and issued with a special sheath)….

Leatherman PST (Personal Survival Tool)

[lightbox http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e10/DaveK-ToolPics/Fancy%20Tool%20Pics/pst1.jpg[Leatherman PST – c1986]][/lightbox] This is the classic Leatherman tool, first available in 1983. The example pictured is a fairly early example (c.198…