Collecting is addictive..

I really got into collection Multitools by “accident”.. I was buying a Gerber Gator on a danish online marketplace, when I saw the seller had a Leatherman for sale at the same time.. So I got both for a fair price & my first MT turned out to be the o…

Leatherman XE6 Juice "Naked"


Since fellow member appletree_man first posted pictures of his “modded” Leatherman Juice XE6, I was intrigued. When he announced it was for sale recently – I couldn’t resist….

UK Legal knife - banned on ebay UK

I Know My Rights!

(but I really wish HM Customs did …..)

In the UK today, people are being demonised for carrying or owning knives. The press regale us every day with stories of gangs and knife crime and murder. More and more police forces are launching poster campai…

Leatherman Supertool 300

Evolution, not Revolution..

The postman has obviously remembered where I live and today brought me my Leatherman Supertool 300. I’ve been looking forward to the arrival of this tool more than any other recent release by any company, I anticipate that this tool will usurp my current “go-to” tool for big jobs, the Leatherman Core.

Wheeling and Dealing

The Royal Mail strike seems to be delaying some deliveries but not others, and tools from abroad are taking their time to arrive. I’m therefore using the available time to do some wheeling and dealing for new tools. I did receive a new Boker Magnum Bulld…

Collection Sep 09


Well, the Villa won pretty comfortably, and following the mad dash home, I loaded the car up with tools and camping gear to meet up with the guys in Shropshire (more about that later). On my return, I took the opportunity to take a couple of group pictur…

Busy day ahead!

My Leatherman Freestyle and Freestyle CX have arrived just in time to accompany me to a get-together with some like minded souls from’s UK contingent, thanks to Rob at…

The Great Phillips Driver Debate


I put this video together a little while ago to show the difference in performance between the Phillips drivers on a Leatherman Core, Gerber Flik and a SOG Powerlock.

Not terribly scientific, I know, but it was fun figur…